Currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Tooploox. Previously held data science and ML engineering positions at Cosmose AI and Veneficus. I have worked on cell segmentation and tracking, geolocation, indoor-positioning, media mix optimisation, promotion effectiveness analysis, and demand forecasting, among others. I am also a Data Science Instructor at DataCamp and a programming tasks creator at Codility.

Obtained my MSc in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands and my Bachelor in Quantitative Methods in Economics & Information Systems from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. My master's thesis project involved forecasting with a collection of very short time series. The resulting R package is available on CRAN.

Proficient Python and R coder with a profound understanding of statistics and (deep) machine learning. Experienced with the development, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of complex machine learning systems. Well-versed in Bayesian inference and probabilistic programming. Has worn all the hats, having worked for a consultancy, an AI-startup, and a software house.

Flag   Moim ojczystym jęzkiem jest polski.
Flag   I have passed Cambridge CPE with grade A.
Flag   Ich habe das Sprachzertifikat in Wirtschaftsdeutsch bestanden.
Flag   He completado un curso de español de nivel avanzado.
Flag   Toen ik in Nederland woonde, leerde ik een beetje Nederlands.
Flag   我最近開始學習中文。

Whenever I can spare some time, I go mountain hiking. I am currently on a quest to climb the highest peak of each of the 47 European countries. I also enjoy travelling. This is where I have been.