(2024) The MLOps Podcast
Driving Innovation: Machine Learning in Auto Claims Processing.

(2022) Data Science Summit Conference
Talk: "Self-supervised learning in medicine: X-ray analysis with few labeled examples". [SLIDES]


(2023 - present) Deep Learning for Images with PyTorch
Interactive online course I teach at DataCamp. Learn about object recognition, image segmentation including semantic, instance, and panoptic types, and image generation with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

(2023 - present) Intermediate Deep Learning with PyTorch
Interactive online course I teach at DataCamp. Learn about fundamental deep learning architectures such as CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, and GRUs for modeling image and sequential data.

(2022) Deep Learning for Image Analysis
I've been a trainer during the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's (EMBL) deep learning course, guiding particpants as they worked on their project involving segmenting and classifying cells in microscope images.

(2020 - present) Bayesian Data Analysis in Python
Interactive online course I teach at DataCamp. Learn all about the advantages of the Bayesian approach to data analysis, and apply it to a variety of real-world use cases.

(2019 - present) Handling Missing Data with Imputations in R
Interactive online course I teach at DataCamp. Diagnose, visualize and treat missing data with a range of imputation techniques with tips to improve your results.

Guest writing

NannyML: Bad Machine Learning Models Can Still Be Well-Calibrated
NannyML: Detecting Covariate Shift: A Guide to the Multivariate Approach
NannyML: How to Detect Data Drift with Hypothesis Testing
NannyML: Detecting Concept Drift: Impact on Machine Learning Performance

neptune.ai: Adversarial Machine Learning: Defense Strategies
neptune.ai: Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Learning with LLMs
neptune.ai: Feature Selection Methods and How to Choose Them
neptune.ai: Reducing Pipeline Debt With Great Expectations
neptune.ai: Organizing ML Monorepo With Pants

DataCamp: Regularization in R Tutorial: Ridge, Lasso and Elastic Net
DataCamp: Visualize Missing Data with VIM Package

MLOps Community: Monitoring Regression Models Without Ground-Truth
Nota AI: AI Model Optimization Has Never Been Easier